Your journey with Rhino Entertainment: Navigating through our Hiring Process

Getting the most from your interview. 

The first step starts with YOU
Have a good read through the job description. As you work on your CV, highlight those achievements which you think are most beneficial and in line with the role we are recruiting for.

Once you submit your application, you will receive an acknowledgement and you will be contacted for an interview if you are shortlisted. Once interviewed, we aim to get back to all our applicants throughout our shortlisting process with feedback.




Preparing for Your Rhino Entertainment Interview: 

We’d like to share some tips we consider to be valuable when we are selecting candidates to join our team:

Research Our Company: Familiarise yourself with our mission, culture, and guiding values. Understanding our industry and knowing our brands is key. Being well-informed demonstrates your genuine interest in our organisation.

Highlight Your Curiosity: Prepare examples of previous experiences that showcase your curiosity, your ability to challenge the status quo, and your enthusiasm for continuous learning. How have you demonstrated initiative and a thirst for knowledge in your past experiences?

Showcase your Achievements: Be ready to discuss your achievements, especially those that align with our values. 

Tell us all about how you Collaborate with a Team: Show how you’ve worked effectively in teams, resolved conflicts, and promoted a positive work environment. We’re looking for candidates who can foster a sense of community and belonging.

Ask Questions: At the end of your interview, feel free to ask questions about Rhino Entertainment, our culture, and your potential role. This demonstrates your interest in understanding how you can contribute to our community.

Our Selection Process:

From the moment you apply for a role at Rhino Entertainment, here’s how your journey unfolds:


We’ll round up our top candidates. The selection process may vary depending on the role but generally includes 2 interviews (sometimes 3 for more senior positions) and an assessment.


Our first interview panel usually includes the hiring manager and a member of our HR team. For the second interview we also include the hiring managers’ manager and at times a key internal stakeholder. We’re all about keeping it fair, consistent, and free from any form of discrimination. We’ll be exploring your job-specific skills and checking if you are a culture fit.

Evaluation & Job Offer

Once interviews are complete and the hiring team come to a decision on their preferred candidate, we embark on a background check adventure, including employment verification and criminal record checks. We’ll also chat with referees from your previous employers.

Rhino Entertainment is a fast growing business with a thriving community of curious achievers who are passionate about delivering on our goals and our mission. As you prepare for your interview with us, remember that we are looking for individuals who can embrace our culture and values. 

We hope you find this helpful if you’re about to meet us. We look forward to meeting you and exploring the exciting possibilities of your potential journey with Rhino Entertainment. Good luck!

About Rhino Entertainment Group

Rhino Entertainment Group is a fast-growing online gaming operator that was founded in 2020. The company has a multi-brand strategy and currently operates five brands: Casino Days, Buusti Kasino, Big Baazi, Big Boost and Lucky Spins. Rhino group is committed to providing its players with the best possible gaming experience supported by a cutting-edge gaming platform.