Your journey with Rhino Entertainment: Navigating through our Culture


Find your moment with us!  

Choosing a company to work for whose culture is right for you, can be a challenging process. We’re here to make the process of applying for a role at Rhino Entertainment as clear and simple as we can.

Here’s what you to expect.

At Rhino Entertainment, we’re a community of curious achievers driven by a common purpose – to create a world of opportunity for our people and a world of entertainment for our players. Our culture and guiding values are at the heart of who we are, and we want potential candidates to understand what it means to be a part of our dynamic team. In this article we will provide you with valuable insights into our culture and offer tips on how to prepare for an interview with our teams.


Our Rhino Culture

Our cultural identity is a blend of curiosity, a sense of community, and an unwavering drive for success. We celebrate the uniqueness of every individual in our team and encourage creative thinking, solution-finding, and the enjoyment of the journey towards our goals. We believe that by coming together as one team, we can drive the success we’re after.

So, what should you expect as you prepare for your interview?

We Embrace Curiosity: We value curiosity. We want our employees and candidates alike who are eager to learn, challenge the status quo, and seek opportunities for growth. Prepare to share how your curiosity has led you to find solutions, take initiative, and make a positive impact in your previous roles.

We are Achievers: We will ask questions to understand the way you embrace courage, passion, perseverance, and optimism. Be ready to discuss your experiences in overcoming challenges and learning from failures. We’re looking for candidates who can align with our mission and demonstrate their commitment to making a difference.

We Foster a sense of Community: Our community thrives on transparency and respect. During the interview process, we will ask you questions about your ability to work in a team, communicate openly, and respect diverse perspectives. We value candidates who can contribute to a collaborative and supportive environment.


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