Rhino Entertainment Demonstrates Commitment to Diversity and Inclusivity by Supporting Allied Rainbow Communities

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Rhino Entertainment is delighted to announce its collaboration with ARC – Allied Rainbow Communities in Malta. The primary focus of this partnership is to support LGBTIQ+ individuals and allies through ARC’s mission of embracing diversity across all the colours of the rainbow and beyond. Rhino Entertainment firmly believes that supporting initiatives such as the various projects and events undertaken by ARC is vital in contributing to a more inclusive and accepting society.

ARC was established with the vision of building a supportive and nurturing community for LGBTIQ+ people and their allies on the Maltese Islands. The organisation’s core areas of focus are Pride, Communications, Community Engagement, and Networking. By supporting ARC, Rhino Entertainment is proud to be a part of the efforts to enhance these vital aspects of community development.

“Our partnership with Rhino Entertainment allows us to take a step forward in achieving our mission of promoting diversity, equity and acceptance,” said Michael Owen – VP at ARC and Casino Manager at Rhino Entertainment, 

“By collaborating with a company that shares our values, we are better equipped to reach out across all the colours of our Rainbow and beyond, creating more opportunities for growth and giving back to our LGBTIQ+ community.”

Through actively participating in such events, initiatives, and campaigns organised by ARC, Rhino Entertainment seeks to contribute to the organization’s noble cause and promote further understanding and growth in the community.



About Rhino Entertainment:

Established in 2020, Rhino Entertainment is a fast-growing online gaming operator which consistently punches above its weight, with a multi-brand strategy, operating out of a number of reputable, regulated jurisdictions from which its brands serve an ever-growing number of markets. Driven by passion, hard work, and a hunger for learning, our multinational teams, based across Malta, Macedonia, Spain, and a number of other countries, have built fantastic products through which we provide value-driven and exciting online entertainment through industry-leading technologies and an unmatched customer experience.


About Allied Rainbow Communities:

ARC is a non-profit organization based in the Maltese Islands with a focus on supporting and empowering the LGBTIQ+ community and its allies. Through various initiatives and community-driven projects, ARC strives to create a sense of belonging, promote understanding, and celebrate diversity.