Building a Sustainable Culture: The Rhino Entertainment Journey

The whole Rhino Entertainment Group team at an event

In 2020, Rhino Entertainment welcomed its first employee, Kristina Murgovska, who joined as a Developer and later became Chief Product Officer. Working relentlessly  for months, Kristina pursued a purpose she deeply believed in. As the team expanded to tackle the ambitious project of launching Casino Days, back then, the company’s first brand, a sense of belonging, shared values, trust, and transparent communication was set among the early joiners, laying the foundation for what would become Rhino’s unique culture.

Over the past three years, Rhino Entertainment has experienced rapid growth, attracting individuals with diverse values, beliefs and backgrounds. Today, with 160 people and 5 brands, we are still evolving as we strengthen our community and foster an environment where our people enjoy the process of delivering and achieving shared goals. 

Defining a culture that is authentic to the company is crucial at this point of our journey. Unconsciously, we had already begun building this culture from the start, bringing on team members who aligned with our work ethic and ethos, yet as a team grows alignment becomes more challenging to address. 

Throughout this process of self-reflection, we actively sought feedback from our employees, and the message was clear: our people want meaningful connections, a voice that is heard, trust, acceptance, respect, fairness, and peers they can rely on. 

Embracing this input, we set out to strengthen our company’s culture, recognizing that it is a dynamic and multifaceted aspect of our organization. It is influenced by our direction, leadership behaviour, recruitment practices, performance and reward management and our collective approach to tackling challenges.

We have all witnessed the impact of a disconnected business at some point in our professional careers. At Rhino Entertainment,  we understand that true success comes when our entire organization is aligned, where projects run smoothly, our teams collaborate seamlessly, and innovative ideas flow freely. This is a journey that we have embarked on at Rhino Entertainment, which has required well thought out practices to harmonize our values, goals and behaviours with our people – and we are conscious of the fact that this is a key ingredient to our future growth and success.

Central to achieving this alignment is the dedication of our leadership team. We firmly believe that it cannot be confined to workshops alone; it requires ongoing group discussions and continuous one-to-one conversations. Additionally, we have focused on reshaping our business structure, moving away from the traditional bureaucracy to a more agile and open environment that fosters curiosity and free-flowing discussions. From team structures to internal processes, company guidelines and communication channels, everything has been re-evaluated and re-calibrated to enable our evolving culture.

Once we clearly defined our values and behaviours, we implemented a more thoughtful approach to hiring, ensuring that potential candidates align with our culture throughout the full selection process. We also engaged in thematic discussions with our managers, redefining the way we manage performance, provide feedback and recognize achievements. This ongoing journey of shaping our culture is a collective effort undertaken by every member of the Rhino Entertainment team.

Our culture, like any other, is not perfect, and it is these imperfections together with a strong sense of self-awareness and commitment to continuous improvement which give us our edge and uniqueness in our dynamic industry. With exceptional people on board and a conscious effort to refine and strengthen our culture, we are confident that we will continue to build on strong foundations for even greater achievements. Rhino Entertainment’s story is one of growth, unity and ambition, and together we are determined to achieve our shared vision.

Established in 2020, Rhino Entertainment is a fast-growing online gaming operator which consistently punches above its weight, with a multi-brand strategy, operating out of a number of reputable, regulated jurisdictions from which its brands serve an ever-growing number of markets. Driven by passion, hard work, and a hunger for learning, our multinational teams, based across Malta, Macedonia, Spain, and a number of other countries, have built fantastic products through which we provide value-driven and exciting online entertainment through industry-leading technologies and an unmatched customer experience.